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Hi there gamers and welcome to my blog that talks all about free online slot games.

I have no idea what I’m doing, this is my first time blogging so hopefully, we can get through this together as I introduce you to the world of free slot games.

Free Slots Me, started off as an idea that would help many other players like myself that love to gamble to understand the benefits of playing free casino slot games. It is also a way of introducing players to new games that they can merely play for fun.

All the free games I introduce through my blog are accessible through real online casinos, these games are the genuine deal, officially made by licensed software developers that have their games tested and approved by gaming labs and verify them as safe and fair for players to use and win from.

Types of FREE Slots in the US

free games catalog available for US Players

Accessing free online slot machines is a cinch, but the only thing you need to be aware of is knowing the difference between official slot machines and those made by unlicensed casino companies that purely make them for entertainment purposes.

So, why focus more on the authentic games? When looking to push your skill level to the highest possible point, which means having a high success rate inside of online casinos, free slots are the number one strategy to guide you towards that level of achievement with a high success rate.

Official slots products are going to be the only model and tool you have that is a 100% matched blueprint for the games you play inside the casinos for real money, so it is vitally important to use these slots to practice on.

You will know by know that there are many free mobile slots you can play with. For entertainment purposes only, these are fine to use, and some are enjoyable. The only issues surrounding these games is the continuous appearance of adverts and paid add-ons. None of the mobile app games are going to be found inside of online casinos. These two things are worlds apart and in this area of gaming, are not ideal games to play as a means of practicing before you play slots for real money which you can easily do in the United States.

Getting the Best FREE Slots in the USA

Free Slots USA

Players in America can access literally thousands of slot games online, there are a mind-blowing number to get immersed in.

Slots are made by independent software developers; no casino makes their own game. For players in the US, you can enjoy a number of US gaming providers such as IGT, Bally, SG Interactive and Real Time Gaming.

Then you have the European market, which is just enormous, with developers like NetEnt, Blueprint Gaming, Playtech and Red Tiger at the forefront of high-end casino gaming production.

Through these developers and many others, you are able to access the best free online slots USA has.

Playing FREE Slots

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Playing the slots is no problem whatsoever. You can access all of them online, so don’t worry there are no apps to download or extra software to install. Since 2015, the Internet had a change in configuration. All sites are now adapted to mobile use, meaning you can indeed play all these free casino slot games from your mobile smartphone.

All other devices can be used also with Desktop, Mac and Tablet. If you have a device with Windows installed or Android and iOS systems, then playing free slots is not going to be a problem.

Thanks to the ease of access, you can acquire these games day and night and play for as long as you want, as many times as you want and where you want.

Why I Chose FREE Slots

starburst slot

Slots are an easy game to play and I’m a fairly simple person when it comes to games. I love gambling and I find that learning or even taking the time to learn card games is just beyond me, even if it only takes about 30 minutes to learn, it’s 30 minutes too long for me.

Slot machines are perfect, there are rules to memorize, you simply click a button to spin the reels and let the rest of nature do its work.

Slots are easy, simple, fun and fast to play. These games are also the only ones that payout super big jackpots. So, my interest in them became quite immediate. I had tried other games but found them to be somewhat laborious because winning on roulette or games like blackjack or poker requires the players to play long-haul games in order to build their profit. With online slots, you could double, triple, your bankroll from one single spin.

How to Use FREE Slots

Using free online slot games is an art. Remember, these games are exactly the same as those used inside of the casinos that payout the real money when you win. These free games are their demo alternatives. Exact same gameplay just without the money payment during or at the end.

All free demo slot games come with huge free credits to play with, some with endless amounts to play with. There are two ways of using these free to play slot machines. One purely for fun. Simply click on the gaming titles and spin all your cares away and see how much ‘money’ you can land, pray it’s not the jackpot or you will really be kicking yourself you didn’t play for real money.

The other way of playing free slots is purely for practice purposes. Slots are instruments that can be learned. You can learn how games are made, how they play, how wagering affects the outcome, the frequency of winning and patterns.

As you go through my blog on free slots, we will touch upon all these things and lots more so you can get the absolute most from the thousands of free online USA slot games that are available and that you will be guided to through my posts.

Thank you for joining me and let’s get this blog spinning!